Welcome To Your 40’s!


Adrenaline Seeker, World Traveller, Pretty Mean Cook, Aspiring Gardener, Dominating Engineer, Outstanding Mother, Rockstar Wife (according to sources), Caring Daughter and a Wonderful Loving Sister.

We're talking about Jennifer Dowdle (Marcy) and today is her "sweet spot" birthday!

So as you make your 40th orbit around the sun, let’s take a moment to acknowledge (aside from entering a new category of old) and celebrate all the things you’ve become! From small beginnings in Grande Prairie, you made it through the challenging gauntlet of your youth (picking up a black belt along the way), spread your wings to the big city [Edmonton] for higher learning and became a master at your craft.

Edmonton 2018
Brother & Sister showing our human resources how to make a cowboy snowman

You answered the call of your soul and pursued a passion for science and found a willing partner (what luck it happened in your own workplace) to build such an enriching life in Edmonton, with two beautiful carbon based beings, whom I’m proud to be an Uncle to.

These are some clippings to highlight these events – what a life worth living!

Humble beginnings in Grande Prairie, what a beast of a truck we had and look how young and pretty Mom is! (1980)
Easter as kiddos. Do we even have the same haircut?
Brother & Sister [Classic Sears Shot]
We still use these XMAS stockings, way to go with quality stichin’ Mom!
Always ahead of the curve in fashion
Growing up in the 90’s was pretty rad, but you needed Mondetta t-shirts and Micky Mouse jeans to get in the club with Courtney, Kim, Crystal, Jen, Danica & Chrissy
Jen and her pet rabbit (Scooter?) that was easy to find since it always left a trail of poop
California Dreamin’ at Huntington Beach (1994)
Oh the teen years weren’t so bad, eh?
Just another day at work – playing with dynamite (2011)
Who knew Engineers got paid to do this?
Jen finally met her match when Eric showed up. What he lacks in hair, he makes up in humour, charm and intellect!
Jen & Melissa, BFF’s (2009)
Apparently, work in the field isn’t daring enough so here’s another thrill (2009)
The entire Dowdle family fits on a staircase
Typical Jen & Eric taking themselves seriously (2009)
Exotic travel before kids in Thailand (2009)
Why did i hike the Inca Trail for 3 days, when I could have taken the damn train? (2011)
Hard Hiking Reward = Top of Machu Picchu (2011)
Not one to surf on the sidelines, this happened in Peru (2011)
“The Ladies” for Jen’s BFF Katie at her Wedding (2009)
The 2 Engineers tie the knot and Grandma Marcy definitely approved in Canmore, AB (2009)
Cousin Power @ Sturgeon Lake
Life’s a party, rock your body @ Sturgeon Lake (2012)
Our goofy Marcy family @ Sturgeon Lake (2012)
Before they were Grandparents, we all went to the Bahamas to party! (2012)
Small Batch Vintage Collection – Katie, Jen, Kerri & part of Hannah
Wanda with Jen – no mischief here (2019)
Quinn was Jen’s first born and even her poops were tracked on an app (classic Engineers)
Paisley came along and now Eric is definitely outvoted in the house (2016)
Quinny’s favourite cousin Caden (seen riding Grandpa Greg), such a dynamic duo!
The Dowdle Family in their element in Maui, HI (2019)

Here’s to the next 40 years of memories. I look forward to making many of them together, along with our families. I’ll be watching the rest with awe and admiration.

Happy Birthday and I love you!

Your Brother, Geoff

Special thanks to my wonderful wife Wendy for her help on this project and my parents for helping me assemble photos to help celebrate and all of you who supplied photos and comments.

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33 thoughts on “Welcome To Your 40’s!

  1. From our first meeting in the mechanical lab when you were a coop student, you have always amazed me with your style, wit and grace. We have played ball together, dressed up for many zany parties together, gone to beautiful Maui and played for hours in the ocean, lots of games over the years, lots of parties and my CONCERT BESTIE – we have seen some amazing acts together. I am so happy to be able to call you my friend. Happiest 40th birthday Jen. You are truly Fabulous at Fourty. Cant wait for the next many years of parties, concerts and trips to Maui. Love ya girl ♥

  2. November 13
    As your special day approaches we are reflecting on the past 40 years. We have watched you grow up from a beautiful baby girl to a beautiful mom, wife, daughter and an exceptional woman. We are so proud of your achievements. You touch everyone with compassion, thoughtfulness and kindness. We are lucky to be able to be close to you and your family. We love more than all the stars in the sky, more than all the blades of grass. Happy Birthday JenPen!

  3. From Engineering classmates, many parties, foosball games and volleyball. To costume shenanigans at house parties, game nights,camping,Bocci ball and rafting. Then settling down and having families owning homes and vehicles with dinner parties and of course more costume parties!
    We are very excited to spend another party with you to celebrate your 40th!
    To many more costume parties, laughs and cake!
    We love you Jen!
    The Vrolyk’s

  4. Happy 40th Birthday Jen!! The 40’s rock! Looking forward to many more years of kid stories, lake time, good talks and great cousin memories! Love ya❤️

  5. So many great memories, who knew the girl that split Matt and me up 20 years ago would be such a staple in our lives haha! Wait, 20 years?? Where has the time gone!
    Jen you are such a great friend, I always truly look forward to our fun times together and having a close friend to have the deep talks with means the world to me. Looking forward to many more years of fun!
    So, when can I book the next tee time?

  6. Happy 40th Jen! You are such an amazing everything and I am so happy to call you a friend. You are one of those special people that I know I can rely on in a pinch, which is such a special treasure. Thanks for being so great! Wish you all the best in this next decade, which will be even better than the last one (no more diapers to change woot woot!!). And Ian says happy birthday too 🙂

  7. Happy Birthday from your Uncle B and Aunt E! It’s no wonder you will always be remembered as that super high spirited, adventurous, stubborn to a T, high achieving, take no shit, brilliant little lady! You have not changed a bit! We Love you!

  8. Happy 40th Birthday, Jen.
    I am sure you’ll have a great chapter ahead! Best wishes for the coming decades!
    Stay bright and inspiring!

  9. Obviously the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about Jen is…

    That without Jen, I’d have never learned about Alert, Nunavut!
    Did you know that Alert is the northernmost permanently inhabited place in the world? That’s some pretty wild shit right? Alert is named after HMS Alert, a British ship that wintered about 10 km (6.2 mi) away in 1875–76! Whoah, I didn’t even know of the term “wintered” but now I do. Can a person be “Wintered”? What would that even mean?!! What other seasons can be used as verbs?! MIND BLOWN. Thanks Jen!

    Are you familiar with the term ‘Nautical polar night’? I wasn’t until I started googling Alert and followed a Wikipedia rabbit hole that took me to many places until 3am! Foolish me, I once thought nighttime was nighttime, but actually there’s 3 different types of twilight (4 if you include those shitty movies Chris and Gailynne like – Sorry Chis and Gailynne I love you guys, but those movies are sheeeeet). Where were we?..oh right! So there’s Civil, Nautical AND Astronomical twilight. Crazy right? Thanks Jen!

    Also – Happy Birthday Jen!

    P.S. Sorry I can’t make your party, I’m out of town. Hope you have a blast!

  10. Hey Jen can’t believe your “40”!! I’m the lucky one to have had you in my life that long. I’ve watched you grow into this amazing, thoughtful, intelligent, caring person . You’ve also been a great mentor to my kids. Just think, I’ve got to change your diapers, discipline you, tease you, share in your hopes and dreams and now I look up to you! Cycle of life. Love you Jen. I wish you so much happiness for the future. Happy 40th Birthday.

  11. Cousin! 40! Big deal. Let me know how it goes okay? Thanks for paving the way for me 😉 I am very thankful to have you in my life. To talk too, get advise and spend time with. I will always look up to you and am excited to share my life with you. Happy Big 40 Cous! Let’s hit up a concert or some greens soon!

  12. Happy birthday to one of my best buds! I still remember our first meeting, during an Engineering Economics evening course (yawn, great way to spend your Wednesday nights – learning about mortgages and stuff!). Amazing how we became study buddies and lifelong friends from that and are still going strong 20 years later. Lots of great times with the crew over the years, and all the craziness that happened. Parties, camping trips, white water rafting, dressing up (or down – depending on how you look at it) and eventually growing up and having families. Heck, you MC’ed our wedding and then I MC’ed your wedding. We’ve always got each others back! So enjoy this milestone, and I look forward to more shenanigans in future years!

    Cheers to 40! And many many many more!

  13. What 40??!!! Time flies so fast it’s crazy! So cool though! One of the best cousins a girl could ask for, lake summers would not have been the same growing up. So exited for our girls to share the same summer bond at the lake and create many more memories! You should be so proud of what you have and where you are on this milestone of a birthday. Love ya!

  14. Happy Birthday Jen!!! We have been buds since 7th grade. Crazy to imagine we were 12 when we met. Here’s to another 28 years of friendship.

    Found a Few little gems in the school library today!! Lol can’t wait to share.

  15. Happy Birthday Jenny!!

    Much love from us. And here’s to a beautiful year ahead and another amazing 40 years!

    Xo Sara

  16. Welcome to your 40’s young’n! I’ve loved watching you grow wiser and finer over these last 13 years and through all of our many adventures. Never stop growing and learning and looking at the world with wide eyed wonder. And most importantly, remember that while you may only be young once, you can be immature forever! Can’t wait wait for the next 40 (or more)!!!! So happiest of birthdays to my best friend, love of my life and the best mom to our amazing two girls.

    Love you!

  17. Happy 40th birthday Jenny! You are a beautiful mother and we wish you an exciting decade filled with good health, lots of love, success and happiness.

  18. Happy 40th Jen! So glad you are joining this decade with me! What a wonderful page, I so enjoyed looking at all the pictures and memories. You are a very blessed girl and I am thankful for you in my life. Looking forward to seeing your girls grow and more memories in the future❤️

  19. Jen, happy birthday hope things are going well for you and your family. Make sure you get out and celebrate to the point of where dad should tell you it’s time to shut it down.

  20. Welcome to your fabulous forties Jen!
    We knew you were something special before we even met you! We were by Eric’s side as he stumbled through his dating years, sometimes making some questionable choices (sorry Eric 😘). Then he started mentioning this girl at work. Her name was Jen. Then he mentioned her some more. And more…. You get the idea. It sounded like she was smart, beautiful, fun and down to earth. We kept our fingers crossed that she was all of those things!
    Well, it turns out you’re all of those things. Eric made a great choice. We are so happy to be part of your life, and we look forward to many more fun times. We love you and your girls (and Eric too!) Sending all our best wishes for a wonderful birthday.
    Love Mel, Chris, Sophie and Lucy

  21. Happy Birthday Jen! I’ll always see you as my cooler older cousin. I hope today is stress free and make sure you rub Eric’s head for even more luck on this special day! You guys are truly a model family and I’m always excited to see you at the lake!

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